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Player Team Date Location Note
Henry SpicherAthletics3/11/2021Conestee 1First of career!
Henry SpicherAthletics3/22/2021Conestee 1 
Harrison RuthBraves3/30/2021TimmonsFirst of career!
Ravi LordAthletics4/22/2021Conestee 3First of career!
Charlie WebbRockies4/29/2021TimmonsFirst of career!
Alex GibeauRockies4/29/2021TimmonsFirst of career!
Slade McGriffRockies4/29/2021TimmonsFirst of career, Grand Slam!
Henry SpicherAthletics5/6/2021Conestee 3 
Matthew Mordas11u All-star (State)7/8/2021SummervilleFirst of career!

None - Season shortened due to COVID-19 pandemic

Player Team Date Location Note
Carson BolemonNationals3/28/2019Timmons
José Doubront
Carson Bolemon (2)Nationals5/16/2019Conestee 1 
John WaldropNationals5/16/2019Conestee 1First of Career!
José Doubront (2)Dodgers5/16/2019Conestee 3 

Player Team Date Location Note
José Doubront11u All-star (State)7/9/2018Summerville

Player Team Date Location Note
Jackson TurpinRed5/22/2018Lakeside 1

Player Team Date Location Note
José DoubrontMinors All-star (State)7/7/2017SummervilleFirst of career
José DoubrontMinors All-star (State)7/8/2017Summerville
José DoubrontMinors All-star (State)7/12/2017Summerville
Smith DarbyMinors All-star (State)7/12/2017SummervilleFirst of career

Player Team Date Location Note
Lathan SellersCubs3/17/2017TimmonsFirst of career
Patrick McMasterNationals3/20/2017Conestee 1First of career
Jackson TurpinPhillies3/22/2017Conestee 1
Rush SheppardIndians3/25/2017TimmonsFirst of career
Jaidenn RiversIndians3/25/2017TimmonsFirst of career
Christian AllisonNationals3/25/2017Conestee 1First of career
Lathan SellersCubs4/6/2017Conestee 3
Cameron DanielsGiants4/18/2017Conestee 1First of career
Jaden PriestNationals4/22/2017Conestee 1
Lathan SellersCubs4/22/2017Conestee 1
James MelehesIndians4/27/2017Conestee 1
Lathan SellersCubs5/8/2017Conestee 1
Lathan SellersCubs5/11/2017Conestee 1Grand Slam!
Caleb DeWittRockies5/18/2017Conestee 1First of career
Ahmad HewinsNationals5/22/2017Conestee 1First of career
William DennisMajors All-Star (District)6/26/2017Corey BurnsFirst of career
Jaden PriestMajors All-star (District)6/26/2017Corey BurnsWalk-off, Grand Slam!
Taylor RabeMajors All-star (District)6/29/2017Corey BurnsFirst of career, Grand Slam!
Taylor RabeMajors All-star (District)7/1/2017Corey Burns2nd of the game (that started on 6/29)
Ahmad Hewins11u All-star (State)7/8/2017Corey Burns
Jaden PriestMajors All-star (State)7/23/2017Corey Burns
Jackson TurpinMajors All-star (State)7/23/2017Corey Burns
Jackson TurpinMajors All-star (State)7/25/2017Corey Burns
Griffin PickhardtMajors All-star (State)7/25/2017Corey BurnsFirst of career, Grand Slam!
Lathan SellersMajors All-star (State)7/25/2017Corey Burns
Taylor RabeMajors All-Star (State)7/27/2017Corey Burns
Jaden PriestLL SE Regional8/6/2017Warner Robbins, GA

Player Team Date Location Note
Carson BolemonAll-stars6/18/16Northwest LLFirst of career

Player Team Date Location Note
Jack RiceRoyals3/17/16Conestee #1First of career
Jaden Priest 3/21/16TimmonsFirst of career
James MelehesCubs3/22/16TimmonsFirst of career
Timmy ScheibelGiants3/22/16TimmonsFirst of career
Chandler McMasterRoyals4/4/16Timmons 
Jack Rice, Chandler McMasterRoyals4/8/16Conestee #3 
Chandler McMasterRoyals4/18/16Conestee #1 
Bennett LambPirates4/19/16Conestee #1 
Jack RiceRoyals5/14/16Conestee #1 
Chandler McMasterRoyals5/16/16  
Chandler McMasterRoyals5/23/16Conestee #1 
Sam Odom, Rich KingPirates5/23/16Conestee #3Back-to-back, and career first x2

Player Team Date Location Note
Jackson TurpinPirates5/5/15Conestee #1First of career, and 1st by a Minors player at Conestee park

Player Team Date Location Note
Sloan SkeltonMets3/16/15ConesteeFirst of career
Chase GivensPirates4/6/15ConesteeFirst of career
Heath TankersleyTigers4/6/15ConesteeFirst of career
Jaymeson HuffMets4/14/15ConesteeFirst of career
Sloan SkeltonMets4/14/15Conestee 
Reed MorrisseyBraves4/20/15Conestee 
Heath TankersleyTigers4/20/15Conestee 
Sloan SkeltonMets4/23/15Conestee 
Jacob ReynoldsPirates4/27/15Conestee 
Reed MorrisseyBraves4/27/15Conestee 
Reed Morrissey (2)Braves4/30/15Timmons 
Chase GivensPirates4/30/15Conestee 
Baines Bakker, Reed MorrisseyBraves5/4/15Timmons 
Chandler McMasterDodgers5/7/15TimmonsFirst of career
Sloan SkeltonMets5/11/15Conestee 
Sloan SkeltonMets5/16/15Conestee 
Tylon DuckMets5/16/15ConesteeFirst of career
Jaymeson Huff, Sloan SkeltonMets5/21/15Conestee 
Chase GivensPirates5/21/15ConesteeIn his last Little League at-bat
Alex NormanBraves5/27/15Conestee 

Player Team Date Location Note
Riley SmithPirates3/15/14ConesteeFirst of career, Opening Day
George DunlapPirates3/24/14TimmonsFirst of career
George DunlapPirates4/1/14Timmons 
Caleb ScharschCubs4/3/14TimmonsFirst of career
Alex NormanBraves4/8/14Conestee #3First of career
Noah CarsonCubs4/8/14Conestee #3First of career, 3-run walk-off
Michael JoplingBraves4/21/14Conestee #1First of career
Cog GregoryDodgers4/22/14Conestee #1First of career
Riley SmithPirates4/28/14Conestee #3 
Cog GregoryDodgers4/28/14Timmons 
Riley SmithPirates5/2/14Conestee #1 
Riley SmithPirates5/6/14Conestee 
Michael JoplingBraves5/8/14Conestee #1 
Blake YanceyPirates5/8/14TimmonsFirst of career, walk-off
Cog GregoryDodgers5/12/14Timmons 
Dylan RossRed Sox5/20/14ConesteeFirst of career
Thomas HychePhillies5/20/14Conestee 
Riley SmithAll-stars6/27/14Corey Burnsvs Wade Hampton in District Tournament
Jack SanfordAll-stars7/2/14Corey BurnsFirst of career, vs Northwood in District Tournament
Baines BakkerAll-stars7/10/14IrmoFirst of career, State Tournament
Alex Norman, Noah CarsonAll-stars7/11/14IrmoState Tournament
Baines Bakker (2)All-stars7/12/14Irmovs Northwood in State Tournament, Grand-slam

*Only the first home run of the year by a player was captured

Player Team Date Location Note
Reed MorrisseyAll-stars7/2/13Corey Burnsvs Northwood in District Tournament

Player Team Date Location Note
Cooper SmithNationals3/20/13Timmons 
Caden ThompsonCubs3/25/13Conestee 
Clay WilsonNationals4/9/13Conestee 
Walt GarrisonOrioles4/26/13Timmons 
Thomas HycheOrioles5/4/13TimmonsFirst of career
Reed PerkinsPirates5/9/13Timmons4th consecutive year with a HR!
Max NeelyRays5/10/13ConesteeFirst of career
Charles IvesRays5/13/13ConesteeFirst of career
Robert PowellCubs5/20/13ConesteeFirst of career and hit for the cycle in a playoff win
Walker PaceAll-stars6/28/13Corey Burnsvs Northwood in District Tournament

*Only the first home run of the year by a player was captured

Player Team Date Location Note
Cooper SmithRed Sox3/26/12TimmonsFirst of career
Read PerkinsPirates3/27/12Timmons 
Banks GainesReds3/27/12TimmonsFirst of career
Walker FallsPirates3/29/12TimmonsFirst of career
Will PhillipsReds4/9/12ConesteeFirst HR at Conestee Park!
Jacob MauneyRed Sox4/9/12ConesteeFirst of career
Caden ThompsonBraves4/27/12ConesteeFirst of career, grand slam!
Sam MacfieAthletics5/10/12TimmonsFirst of career
Tal BakkerBraves5/12/12ConesteeFirst of career
Griffin ReeseAthletics5/16/12ConesteeFirst of career
Clay WilsonAthletics5/21/12TimmonsFirst of career
Marc McConaghyPirates5/24/12ConesteeFirst of career
Steven CainRed Sox5/24/12ConesteeFirst of career
Sam JonesAll-stars6/30/12ConesteeFirst of career, vs Wade Hampton
Sam JonesAll-stars7/2/12Conesteevs Northwood

*Only the first home run of the year by a player was captured

Player Team Date Location Note
Read PerkinsDodgers5/14/11TimmonsAs a call-up to Majors Brewers

Player Team Date Location Note
Clark KistlerDodgers3/14/11Butler Springs 
Denton WarlickOrioles3/19/11TimmonsFirst of career
Will WilliamsonDiamondbacks4/6/11Timmons 
Will PhillipsNationals4/9/11TimmonsFirst of career
Edward PollockDiamondbacks5/12/11TimmonsFirst of career
Brooks LucasBrewers5/14/11TimmonsFirst of career
Reid JohnstoneNationals5/23/11TimmonsFirst of career in last Little League at-bat

*Only the first home run of the year by a player was captured

Player Team Date Location Note
Beau ThompsonBlue Jays4/16/10 As a call-up to Majors Rangers
Read PerkinsDiamondbacks4/17/10 League Age 9

Player Team Date Location Note
Carson SpiersBlue Jays3/15/10 Opening Day
Mitchell BryantRangers3/22/10  
Lucas CoanTigers3/25/10  
Justin BaileyAthletics4/6/10  
Jake DillMets4/10/10  
Tom FreelandBlue Jays4/10/10  
Austin HaydenBlue Jays4/22/10  
Chase Poplin, Jordan WrightRangers4/23/10  
Will WillamsonAthletics4/27/10 First of career
Charlie SmithRangers5/8/10 First of career
Wes ReevesMets5/15/10  
Rex CarterTigers6/5/10 Championship Saturday!

*Only the first home run of the year by a player was captured

Player Team Date Location Note
Carson SpiersAthletics3/21/09  
Bryce ReevesCubs4/4/09  
Will WynkoopYankees4/13/09  
Rudy JohnstoneCubs4/15/09Butler SpringsFirst HR hit at Butler Springs
Hank NicholsRed Sox4/17/09  
Chase AchilleRed Sox4/20/09  
Weston McDonaldCubs4/23/09  
Patrick HenryDodgers4/24/09  
Reeves PetersonYankees4/27/09  
Ian MillerYankees5/4/09  
Justin JonesOrioles   
Ashe MacfieRed Sox5/14/09  

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