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Regular Season Tie-Breaker Rules

For Regular Season Standings Tie-Breakers, the following rules apply

1. The first tiebreaker is the result of the head-to-head match-up(s) during regular season games of the teams that are involved in the tie. 
If one of the teams involved in the tie has accomplished EVERY ONE of the following, then that team will advance in seeding: 
i. Defeated all of the other teams involved in the tie at least once, AND; ii. Defeated all of the other teams involved in the tie in every one of the pool play games it played against those teams; AND; iii. Played each of the teams involved in the tie an equal number of times. 

2. If the results of the head-to-head match-up(s) during pool play of the teams that are involved in the tie cannot break the tie (because no team defeated each of the other teams in the tie each time they played, or because no team has defeated all of the other teams involved in the tie in everyone of the pool play games played between those teams, or because the teams involved in the tie did not play one another an equal number of times during pool play), then the tie is broken using a teams regular season runs allowed.  The team with the fewest combined runs allowed for all games in the regular season, will receive the higher seed.  If two or more teams remain tied after this tie-breaker, revert back to head-to-head between those two teams.

3. If a tie cannot be broken through the proper application of these guidelines then a blind draw (3 or more tied) or coin flip (2 teams tied) will determine which team(s) will advance. 

Note:  Each time a tie is broken to advance one team in seeding, leaving a tie between two or more teams, the situation reverts to “1” (head-to-head results) in this section. 

Example: Three teams are tied with identical records for first place at the end of pool play. Teams A, B and C played against each other once in pool play. Team A won all of its games against Team B and Team C during pool play. Result – Team A gets the contested seed, which then creates a two-way tie between Team B and Team C. That tie then is broke by reverting to “1” in this section.

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